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Weekly Journal 14

This is my last journal entry for the semester! Ahh! It’s gone by so fast I simply cannot fathom it. I’ve learned so much about graphic design and particularly about the Adobe program Illustrator. I don’t know whether or not I can officially call myself a graphic designer or a professional but I’m no longer a beginner, I’ve developed some pretty cool stuff. In that respect I guess I can consider myself an intermediate graphic designer but not quite a professional. To be a professional in my opinion, I’d have to have a full portfolio (which I do) at least one real client who payed real money for my work (which I don’t have yet) and a nice business card (which I do have). So I’m getting there, and I’ll continue to practice my craft throughout the summer until I feel confident that I can take on any project a client decides to throw my way however absurd, and from what I hear, pleasing a client is in itself an art to master that is completely separate from one’s skill in design.

My mother wishes me to create her a website for her private law practice so I suppose I can start with that as my next project and add it to my portfolio. I don’t particularly enjoy web design but it often goes hand in hand with graphic design so I’ll do what I must.

What a wonderful semester it’s been! All of my professors have been extremely competent, helpful, and kind and coming from a four year school in my first semester I believe I have the experience needed to say without bias that the professors at WCC are some of the best in New York and in most four year schools. I could transfer next semester but I don’t know If I want to do that, I really enjoy the WCC experience so we will see!

I’d like to give a special thanks to Professor Krikun and her involvement with the many aspects of computer design, you are a wonderful teacher and I wished you still did 3D design because I’d love to have you again! I’ll stay in touch and continue to update my wordpress of my progress of projects.

Weekly Journal 13

Two words: Ink & Slide. I want it, I need it, okay I actually don’t “need” it in the sense that I can’t live without it but it is totally tops-blooby-off-the-hinges-out-the-door-lumpin legendary. I mean c’mon, have you seen the promo and what that thing can do? It’s got the whole ruler and everything to make it feel natural while still being a piece of technology. However, like all adobe products the price tag is out of my range and questionable. It goes for $124.99 USD. Anyway here’s the promo trailer, check it out

Week 12 Journal

Finally! I got my new Ipad air 2. After Proffessor Krikun mentioned that you could use the Ipad as a drawing tablet with a stylus I had finally found my affordable alternative to the Wacom Cintiq and I am pleased to say it works like a charm. Of course, like a fool I went into brookstone the minute after I purchased the thing to get a stylus and it was the wrong kind! I’m currently raising some funds to purchase a new stylus for drawing on the Ipad and this time it will be perfect (hopefully). Even with the stylus I have though, it isn’t too bad, I can paint alright. The only issue I’ve seem to come by is the more precise detailing of things.

Before I had the Ipad I had a Wacom Bamboo tablet but it broke. While it worked I used Sketchbook pro and tried to get into photoshop but had some trouble there. I was able to produce my version of the Ice king from Adventure time.

Here is what he looks like in the cartoon:

Here is mine:

Week 11

Gasper Noe

Last week I talked about Scratch Massive and particularly how I liked how their music videos were directed. I then mentioned how their videos were similar to that of the notorious Gasper Noe who is also french like Scratch Massive. I find that is only fitting that I should mention why I love Gasper’s films and how they compare to Scratch Massive’s videos. I guess I’ll start with what makes Gasper as a director so different than any other:

1. He’s more bold than Tarantino, his films go into detail of explicit rape, murder, drugs, and so on. He makes you feel like you are actually there, like it’s real.

2. His films are Hollywood’s kryptonite and he himself hates Hollywood. There is no formula to how the film goes, the protagonist can die, the protagonist might already be dead, the whole film in that case of “Irreversible (2002)” is played backwards starting at the moment where he’s in the back of a police car to the moment he found his wife raped and murdered.

3. The cinematography is signature. Literally, I’ve watched so many movies, both indie and Hollywood alike and I have never seen anything like it, it’s a real trip.

4. His ability to capture experience that most people won’t be able to (and probably shouldn’t ever) is prodigious. From tripping on DMT to living in the Tokyo’s red-light district as a foreigner you really feel like you’re there.

Here’s a trailer of my favorite film by him:

Week 10 Journal

As an artist of many vices I appreciate the different forms of art. I am a musician, poet, and now graphic  designer but one thing I’ve pondered on dabbling in is directing and film but never really had the time so instead I like to enjoy being the spectator. Yesterday I was watching the film As above So Below and there was a scene where the protagonist and her companions went into a club in paris and the song “Nuit de mes reves” by scratch massive was playing. It had this eeyrie-underground feel to it with a slow baseline and intermittent female vocals. I had enjoyed it so much that I had to pause the movie and look it up. I later discovered the artists name and their many, many hits. However it wasn’t the music that swept me off my feet, it was the music videos. They are extremely well directed, brilliantly clipped together and give off a chilling vibe of reality as the walls feel like they are slowly closing in. Although their videos are directed by different people each time they are very similar to Gaspar Noe’s films, who is also french now that I think of it. I guess the french are really great when it comes to directing eerie movies and music videos?

Waiting for a sign:


weekly journal 9

This week I spent some time looking at other people’s posters, primarily Kathleen  Corgan. It’s interesting Corgan is another form of my last name (Corrigan). Historically, the irish would come to America and have to deal with people not being able to prounounce their last names. Corrigan is suppose to be prounounced “Cahr-Agen” and so we see many different forms of my last name such as Carrigan, Cargen, so on and so forth. Anyway Looking at Kathleen’s poster I am rather intimidated, I don’t know how I can make something so perfect like she did!